What are the timings of entry to the campsite & carpark ?

Entry to the campsite and parking field will be from 12 noon on Thursday the 25th to 6pm that night all ticket holders must arrive between these times. The campsite and parking field will then be open from 8am on the following morning of the 26th and will stay permanently open for ticket holders until 12 noon on Monday the 29th. Once you have been given a wristband upon first entry you may access the campsite 24hrs a day.

What are the opening times for the main arena and stages ?

The main arena will be open for food only on Thursday the 25th from 4pm until 10pm. The main arena then opens at 8am on Fri-26th/Sat-27th/Sun-28th and closes at 2am on the following mornings. Music commences at around 11am each morning. Accurate times of the acts will be stated in your information package that you will receive upon first entry with your wristband.

What are the age restrictions ?

The minimum age you have to be to attend the festival is 16yrs old. 16yr - 18yr olds do not need to be accompanied by adults. People who cannot present any form of identification will not be admitted to the festival. Valid ID includes: - a passport - a Driving license - a Student ID

What food and drink facilities will be available on site ?

There will be a full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. This includes wines, beers, cocktails, ciders, lagers etc. Non-alcoholic drinks include coffee, soft drinks, teas, milkshakes and smoothies. We have a vast array of food from across the world including Wood fired pizzas, burritos, wraps, burgers, nachos, cake and jacket potatoes. There will also be vegan and allergy conscious stands. If you have any allergies please let the catering staff know before you purchase any food.

Can I park at FITF ?

Yes you can. parking is free with every purchased ticket.

Can I leave and re-enter the car park once I’ve got in ?

Once you have parked, received your wristband and entered the festival anyone who leaves will not be re-admitted. Those of you who are not camping on site but staying elsewhere will be able to leave and re-enter the site, you will need to specify this upon entry to the festival when you get your wristband so we can mark this for you. If you do leave the site for this purpose you will be re-searched upon entry.

Can i bring my camper

van ?

Camper vans and live in vehicles are welcome at FITF. Each occupant in the car, including the driver must also have a weekend camping ticket in order to enter the festival.

How far is the car park from the campsite ?

The campsite is a 5 minute walk from the car park.

Where can i get drinking water?

There will be plenty of standpipes that contain free, clean drinking water on site. Please bring a plastic water container that you can refill during the weekend. bottled water will also be available to purchase at the catering units and bars throughout the site. please identify yourself with these points and ensure you stay hydrated across the weekend.

What time can i get breakfast at FITF ?

The site food stalls will be open from 8am every morning commencing from the fri-26th and ending on the evening of the sun-28th at 12am. There will be a wide range of food and drinks available in the main arena.

Are dogs allowed ?

Your furry friends are allowed to come party with you. however; they must be kept on short leads at all times. The Dogs must not go near water at any time. All poop must be cleaned up, put in bags and then binned. You must bring all doggy provisions you need for the weekend as none will be available on site.

Owners will be responsible for any damage caused by their dogs. If your dog does not have a friendly temperament, please don’t bring it.

Any badly behaved dogs will be asked to leave by members of the security team. A £10 will incur if the dog is spotted pooing and the poo is not picked up.

Can I bring any of my own alcohol to FITF ?

You may bring in either 8 cans of beer/cider/lager or 2 bottles of wine. All alcohol in glass must be decanted into a plastic or re-usable bottle, per person. Strictly no spirits are allowed. Your own alcohol may only be consumed in the campsite and not in the main arena. Any alcohol confiscated upon entry is non reclaimable.

What are the

restrictions ?

Items not permitted at FITF: Glass (absolutely no glass is allowed on site for safety reasons). Large stereo systems. Illegal substances. Legal highs. Portable laser equipment and pens. Air horns. Megaphones. Fireworks, flares and Chinese or sky Lanterns. Any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon. Gas canisters (Live in vehicles - propane or butane cylinders over 7kg. No more than 1 cylinder per vehicle). Nitrous oxide. Petrol burners. Excessive amounts of food and alcohol. Any form of fire pit or BBQ.

What accessibility

aids do you provide?

Due to the fact that Funk in the Forest is in its first year running with a limited budget, we can’t provide ALL the amazing accessibility aids that some of the major festivals provide, but we can provide some of them. With that being said we will have wheelchair access toilet which come with ramps for useful for all aids not just wheelchairs. We have an access road which is suitable to use by those who need a more stable route to travel to the main stage on, whether that be for wheelchairs, walking aids, guide dogs, support canes etc. Our other two stages are situated in the main area next to the camp site with stable roads suitable for all to travel on. We have a team of fully trained volunteers who are around at all hours to help when needed. This is in addition to our welfare tent situated with our United Medical Service team. Finally, although we cannot provide viewing platforms (funk in the forest is a tiny festival, therefore you shouldn’t worry about not being able to view the acts) we will have an area suitable to those who need it separate from the main crowd area (we must specify that this is only for the Forest Stage and Tent Stage as the other Stage is not big enough but is located in our food tent so there will be plenty of room for all without it being crowded). Furthermore, anyone with a disability of any kind can come and check in at HQ to avoid queues. From here we can issue wristbands and direct you to our access road and camping which we have allocated to anyone who needs to be closer to the main arena, toilet and the access road which takes you to the access road and main stage etc.