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"Apart from being very likeable and calm person, Becca is a real pleasure as a yoga instructor! Me and my colleague have been enjoying a private lesson with Becca for many months now and we look forward to the next one every time! It's a great exercise and relaxing for the mind at the same time. Very highly recommended!"

Join us each morning for some Yoga Chikitsa “Yoga Therapy”. wake up and bask in the morning sun looking over the magnificent Severn valley. the sessions will take place above the festival and the commotion of the world. come and experience yoga on the ancient welsh hills, preparing good vibes for the days events... 

Becca will also be doing a sunrise practise. This will be not be a led session but anyone is free to join if they would like to.


This year we are lucky enough to be joined by renowned ‘Cafe Chameleon’. A well known regular on the festival scene. Cafe chameleon creates a delicious atmosphere, not only with their awesome menus, that are adapted to suit the festivals spirit, but they will also hold our acoustic stage in there marquee.

Off Road oven’ a newly formed stone baked pizza oven on wheels! catering for all your pizza desires. follow the delicious unmistakable smell to their stand for your daily pizza dose.


Miloko are fresh take on the mobile cocktail bar. Operating out of an original 1960s Morrison milk float, Miloko specialise in White Russian cocktails. Catering for vegan taste they offer a selection of soya based cocktails as well. Find their menu here... https://www.miloko.co.uk/menu/


In keeping with our funky stalls we give you the ‘fairground bar’ operated by the Double Decker bar team. The Fairground bar will selling beers, ciders, wines, spirits, Pimm's and soft drinks. Everything you need to get into full festival season spirit.

Mo-bars are bring a taste of the middle east to Wales for this years party! their new shisha tent will provides a chill vibes, exotic flavours and good times.


Hailing from deepest Hampshire this group of travelling glitterati, experts in their trade and craft. These wild travellers will give you a make over you will not forget.

More stalls to come…